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Fans force Mahesh Babu to think !!

It is a known fact that Prince Mahesh Babu takes special care about his films and before he signs a film. It is reportedly heard that Mahesh looks into many aspects like the script of the film and the director credentials before he gives his go ahead to a film.

One more important aspect that Prince looks into is the reactions of his fans and their wants. And this criterion has reportedly given rise to a situation. The fact that director Krish has approached the actor with a story to which Mahesh agreed and the film was titled ‘Shivam’ and was supposed to be produced by Ashwini Dutt.

While everyone was expecting that this film will be an extravaganza but it is reportedly heard that the fans are unhappy about the project and Mahesh has put the project on hold. Mahesh’s fans believe that Krish is not capable of delivering a commercial success to their star. While the fans still await an official announcement from Mahesh it is to be seen if Mahesh will scrap the project or go ahead with it.

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