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Fast and Furious 7 Movie review

Rating : 3.5/5

Cast : Vin diesel, Paul walker, Dwyane Johson, Jason statham, Nathalie Emmaunel Michelle Rodigruez, Jordan brewster, Tyrese Gibson and Others.

Directed by : James Wan.

Language : English.

Genre : Action.

Release date : 2 April 2015.

Music : Brian Tyler.

Bottom Line : An amazing farewell to the great actor.

As the title says this is the seventh installment from fast and furious franchise. After the sudden demise of paul walker, the whole cast and crew were deep in shock. It took several days for revival. Paul brothers Caleb and Cody Walker stepped into help finish furious 7. James wan has wielded megaphone for the first time for an action movie. Most of his filmography are horror genre. His previous film, The conjuring had raked in huge collections across world wide. Let’s go through my analysis on paul walker’s last fim.

After getting amnesty from the government, Dominic Toretto (Vin diesel)and his team leading normal lives. But one day Owen shaw’s,who is the bad guy in previous installment, elder brother, Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) kills Han, who is a member on dominic team.Then the wicked man targets dominic and team to avenge his brother’s death. In this course, Deckard encounters Luke hobbs ( Dwayne Johnson).In no time, Dominic learns about hans death and deckard.The whole team (Brain (Paul walker), Roman (Tyrese Gibson), Letty (Michelle) and Tej (Chris) are back again in the game to save their lives from deckard. Dominic joins hands with a cop, Frank (Kurt russell) to hunt down deckard. Frank tells that Ramsay (Nathalie emmanuel)is the key to apprehend shaw. who is ramsay? will dominic and his hunt down deckard? forms the crux of the story.

SO many movie goers might wonder that how james wan would handle down the furious 7, when he was choosen as the director. But the talented film maker gave a strong answer with his super skills. This seventh installment has all the elements, Jaw dropping action sequences, Bootylicious girls, Lavish cars and hi-fi gadgets.His narrative is a feast for action cinema lover. The climax fight was quite lengthy, editor should have cut it down for a few minutes.All the action sequences draws a huge appaluse from the viewers. Cinematography is another positive thing for the action film. Music scored by brain tyler pumped up the visuals.Production values are top notch.

Asusal, Vin diesel excelled in his role, but this time he struggled with the action sequences. It is like a deja vu for the actor. Paul walker’s sudden demise left the whole cast in greif, But the late actor brothers Caleb and Cody Walker stepped into help finish the seventh installment. Dwayne johson’s role is quite shorter, but he did a fair job. New man in the series, Jason statham once again stole the hearts of viewers with his impeccable performance. Tyrese Gibson comedy punches did some magic. chris, kurt,nathalie and michelle supported very well.

It’s been a great journey for the whole ensemble cast, Sudden death of paul leaves the franchise in grief. But they have given an amazing farewell to the actor.In the end, Vin diesel says to paul “You will always be with me, You will be my brother”.That lines made roll tears in the eyes of hardcore fans of FOF.I recommend you to watch this your friends. I will go with three and half out of five for this seventh installment.

Reviewed by : Shrinu Nakka.

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