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Filmamking – Is a film director need knowledge of VFX

1.VFX artist is much more technical job considering to film director

2.Film director will have an ultimate approval to which scene goes into final cut so he has to interact to VFX coordinator

3.Even film director knows VFX or earlier he worked as VFX artist ,he is not going to work as complete VFX artist because he has to take care all other important things .

4.A producer or actor collaborates with director for a simple thing – director has to convert a written story to moving images and present to audience .So they don’t care even if you are a great VFX artist or a great technician in other departments because they already given a specific work that to give best output in video format of the story

5.If a director is working a feature film then he will be having a very little time to do individual jobs

6.A director has to monitor 24 crafts and interacts with them on daily based on priority and he its not wise to do another technician or craft job unless he is very talented or no resources available

7.Many directors pointed out that a good director is a good collaborator.A director should hire best people in their respective crafts and he has to just explain his vision.If director himself doing other crafts man work then he is losing time because he has to take care many things

8. if the director is already have great knowledge in another departments its very good but he should use his knowledge to explain his vision instead of dong that work

9.There are many great examples where a director himself played many roles like cinematographer or editor but those are very rare cases .Steven soderbergh is one kind of director where he simultaneously acted as director ,cinematographer and editor for even big budget films oceans series

10. My advice is concentrate on only one craft and give guidance in another but one has to give his complete attention to his craft before taking another department addition to that

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