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Filmistaan Movie Review

Cast : Sharib Hashmi, Inaamulhaq, Gopal Dutt, Mukund Mishra and others.

Directed by : Nitin Kakkar.

Language : Hindi

Genre : Comedy.

Release date : 6th june 2014.

Rating : 3.25/5

Music : Arijit Datta

BottomLine : No boundaries for cinema and friendship.

Plot : Sukhwinder Arora AKA sunny ( Sharib hashmi) is one of the struggling actors in mumbai. His passion makes him to accept a position as an assistant director for a documentary being filmed by a group of Americans. The crew films the documentary abutting to india and Pakistan boundary. One night sunnny gets separated from the crew. In the meantime, The militants kidnaps him by mistaking him as an american in the dark. Sunny finds himself in a desert village in pakistan.Aftab (Inaamulhaq) is an aspiring director, smuggles the pirated bollywood film CD’s. He quenches the thirst of his villagers for bollywood films.Sunny befriends with aftab in no time owing to cinema obsession. Aftab tries to help sunny to reach the border. Will he succeed in helping sunny? What happened to Aftab and Sunny? are main parts of the story.

Nitin kakkar has made his directorial debut. He has written the gripping story, It resinuates us, There is no geographical boundaries or barriers for cinema.His narrative style is completely engrossing. The movie is all about the indo and pak harmony and their love for bollywood films. Editor has done a fair job. Arjit datta composed back ground is just brilliant. Production values are good.

Sharib hashmi has done a fantastic job with comic timming. His recitation of bollywood famous dialogues are the best parts of the film. He manages to tickle the funny bone of audience. Inaamulhaq is an amazing actor, He did a nice job. Despite gripping story The both lead actors have taken the film from ordinary level to extra ordinary level. Mukund and Govind have done a good job as militants. Rest of the cast are okay in their roles.

Stellar performances and Riveting story, these are enough to watch this film. Go and enjoy.

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