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Films analysis of lezends Christopher Nolan and Steven speilberg

Steven Spielberg movies may not contain Nolan type of brain twisting stories but he is much more superior director than Nolan considering his filmography.i am a big Nolan fan but still Nolan to attempt many genres . Dunkirk success is very important for Nolan to secure a place in all time great directors where as Steven speilberg reached that position many years ago

Nolan filmography


Memento -A great film with never before screenplay – A classic

Following-A great film

Insomnia – A good movie


Prestiage (thriller) – A great film

Interstellar – Pretty OK

Inception – a great film- classic

Comic book series/larger than life stories

Batman begins – A great film

Dark knight – best super hero film – A classic

Dark knight returns- A great film

Steven speilberg filmography

Disaster /Animal films

Jaws – a great film – thriller with sharks backdrop – A classic

War of the worlds – an average film – aliens invasion – a scifi film

jurassic park – A great film -A visual extravaganza- A classic

Scifi films

E.T – A great film – best alien based movie – A classic

close encounters of the third kind- A great film

Minority report- A great film- nice thriller with twists

Artificial intelligence – A good film

Dramas not biopics

The Color Purple – a great film – based on a novel

Amistad – a great film

warhorse – a good film

Bridge of Spies – a good film


Empire of the Sun – a great film – A classic

Schindler’s List – a great film – best director Oscar – holocaust movie-classic

Saving Private Ryan – a great film-war movie- classic

Catch Me If You Can- a great film

Munich – a great film-classic

Catch Me If You Can- a great film

Lincoln- a great film-classic

Adventure /fantasy film

hook – a bad film

Indian jones series – Great films – some are classics in series -classic

bfg- an average film


The Sugarland Express – A good film

Romantic /comedies

1941 – An average film-based on war

The Terminal – a good film

always – A good film


The Adventures of Tintin – a good film


Twilight zone – a good film – one story directed by speilberg

By the list itself shows the genres Spielberg attempted .Many movies are scifi thrillers,action comedy,adventure action like that etc can be divided into sub genres .

Spielberg is a legend in history of cinema .Nolan is definitely a great filmmaker in current generation and I am sure he will reach the position of Spielberg in his life time but I don’t think he will be able to direct that many movies in current time because filmmaking became a time taking process( due to CGI,marketing and production houses) unlike Spielberg era where marketing is very less ,Even not so importance of CGI and Production process also very fast

dunkirk Nolan stevenspeilberg

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