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Friendship day special – Top 10 Bollywood films based on friendship from 10 years

Cinemababu listing top 10 Bollywood movies based on friendship from 10 years


Do I need to talk more about it?Almost every guy who interested in movies watched this flick.A classical friendship movie revolving around dreams,chutiyapa and sacrifices.Every actor excellently done their roles and the transformation of principle Boman Irani gives you a kick in this emotional rollercoaster ride


Humor,Humor,Humor that’s it is all about.Songs are amazing and last 30 mins of the film is high on emotional and friendship.Great flick for a rainy sunday

3.Zindagi Na milegi Dobara

This film brought back themes of old classics with perfect visual scenery beauty.Locations cast ,cinematography is perfect.Each dialogue is a lesson it can teach to everyone.Last closing Monologue about life is perfect lesson you can learn in 1 min

4.Kai Po che

Movie is about three friends and how their friendship will be affected by 3 major events.The way Director gave screenplay is perfect and sushan singh Rajput scored a perfect score for his performance.If anybody missed this movie you are missing fell of a masterpiece

5.Rock On

Most of people are turned away when this flick is released as the movie posters and video songs not gathered that much attention but watching this movie will tell you what you are missing in life.A perfect masterpiece about friendship,sacrifices and following your dreams kind of themes.You will be inspired by watching this movie and when you are watching this movie concentrate on lyrics of last song Singbad .You will be amazed by the philosophy in those sentences

6.Rang De basanthi

This is a perfect movie about friendship and it shows how far friends will go for their friendship.It shows two eras of independence movement and current generation movement againist corruption.Movie blends these elememts perfectly

7.Yeah Jawani hai deewani

A simple tale of  friendship,dreams and love.Last 45 mins is an emotional ride and kabira song is perfect.Ranabir and deepika are added a gem in their filmography

8.Jaane Tu jaanena

AR Rahman’s musical Jaane tu jaane is a perfect story of friendship with peppy members like pappu cant dance

9.Wake up sid

This Ranabir kapoor starrer  deals with responsibility and how an irresponsible guy learns responsibility,independence and believing in himself themes from his friend adithi.A great movie

10.Pyaar ka punchnaama

If anybody missed this movie you are missing a greatest satire on modern friendships.Movie deals with very complex emotions in a subtle way and a must watch flick for modern youth.Film is having so many satires ,themes with lots of humor that can be related to anybody

Special mentions

These movies are before 2005 Dil chahaya hai(classical tale of friendship),heraphei(friendship don’t discriminate age,class or status-one of the best akshay Kumar’s flick),Munnabhai etc

Comment on below for movies you felt they deserves a place in the list



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