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Funny article special – Why people hate twilight series

only first twilight is really good after that all sequels are trash

the vampires are wrongly portrayed for real vampire movie watch tom cruises ‘interview with vampires

A dialogue on friends how silly

What kind of message they are giving to teens?

A hero should have a mission what exactly Eadward character is doing in this movie?

yep his character is just written for teenage girls with out any depth.When twilight series released there are many individual groups.Its good when people loves movies with their heart but liking stupid movies is kind of stupid

Not to mention bella character is one of worst written female character with out any substance to her ,she is just blank,weak and confused

Edward acts like he is creep

The movies should have been ending like these?Which ending you liked most

Finally the series ended ,so much hype,stupidity and abs

In next decade we will see these stupid posts in twitter for sure that how twilight is a great series

This how a hero should be manly,stylish and swag ,of course thats all depends on movie script but for vampire story Edward should have been more tough guy

Yep joker and Harley queen has better chemistry than these movies

Finally Sherlock holmes has something to say

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