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Funny special article -What happens transformers director directos bat man movie

Answer is given as a hilarious response .I respect Michel bay because becoming a film director and executing heavy actions scenes is not an easy task .now we will go into the answer

The threat will be in terms of aliens.movie starts with aliens talking about taking earth and humans as hostages.They will land on some other country like china/japan and take over them but media and other countries won’t know about it because corrupt China politicians are collaborating with aliens

time for batman entrance .Batman enters his secret cave with a grand entry.

on screen the name comes as …Bermuda triangle batman secret base

bruce wyne morning exercise in his cave on flying different moving cars attached on a wall

After that he will meet a hot model female heroine who is just there to show her body .She just met bruce wayne and fall in love with him later it is revealed that she is cat woman

A guy calls bruce wayne and says aliens are there and want to meet him at a house.When bruce got there a severe shoot out starts .Guy comes with a mobile and says nobody can save earth from aliens .bruce wondered what just happened and why he is called him,did he figure out abut the secret of batman identity same like audience but who cares…?A 15 MIN great shootout scene we just witnessed right

so bruce figures out whole thing and builds a larger bat wing in enormous size. Ofcource another entry from Bermuda triangle

batman goes to China aliens base

After a huge fight with chines men batman on losing side .Aliens are approaching him to kill

Suddenly cat woman comes with other bat machines which were build by lucius fox

BATMAN fights with main alien ship and destroys it , other aliens ships will be blasted

The end credit directed by

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