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Cast : Aadhi, Rahul ravindran, Kristina, Erica Fernandez, Pragati, Chandra and Others.

Directed by : Naveen Gandhi.

Language : Telugu.

Release date : 8th August 2014.

Rating : 3/5.

Music : Bheems Ceciroleo.

Bottom line : Only for Urban audience.

Plot : Karthik (Aadhi) and Swati (Erica Fernandez) are unhappy married couple but they acts as happy married couple to the society.one day they happen to reveal about their previous affairs to each other, then realises that their bondage is because of responsibility not because of love. So they decide to get separated amicably. In the meantime, they reapproach their ex’s. Karthik meets his ex-girlfriend named Parineeti (Kristina) who believes in live-in relationship rather than marriage. Swati meets her honest lover, Aarav Reddy (Rahul Ravindran) Who believes in true love. How the married couple successfully get separated without hurting anyone? how they paired up with their ex’s Is rest of the story.

Naveen Gandhi has made a good debut with the story written by sampath nandi. The concept may quite perplex to rural audience.The nuances of the concept should have been interpreted much better. A few onliners may cheer up the mass audience. Editing is okay but a few comic scenes could have been trimmed. Cinematography is good. Production values by sampath nandi team are nice.

Aadhi is a good choice for the lead role, He has improvised his acting skills.Rahul Ravindran did a good in a small role. Kristina has emoted despite the language problem. Erica Fernandez did a good job. The supporting cast has supported very well.

Nuances of the concept should have been interpreted much better.Anyways, this movie is only for a few audience.

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