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Gaddam Gang movie review

Cast : Rajasekhar, Sheena, Achu, Rajesh, Deepak, Naresh, Seetha and Others.

Directed by : Santosh Peter Jaykumar.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Comedy.

Release date : 6th February 2015.

Rating : 2.5/5.

Bottom line : Lame comedy.

After Mahankhali, Rajasekhar comes back to cinemas with bang. This year, the star actor will appear in five films and Gaddam gang is one of those five. It is the remake of tamil blockbuster ‘Soodhu Kavvum’. Even the remake version was also directed by the original director, Santosh peter jaykumar.Let’s movie into the review to know how this movie is doing at the box office.

A former smuggler, Gaddam Das (Rajasekhar) turns into kidnapper and fails in his every endeavour. A bunch of youngsters (Rajesh, Achu and Deepak), who are jobless rescues him from a mob. In no time, They become gaddam gang and start to abduct the middle class people owing to high risk from rich folks. They kidnap the state finance minister’s son, Satya (Noel).Satya eventually becomes member of a gang and deceives his partners.A dreadful Police officer, Gabbar singh finds out the identity of gaddam gang and arrest them. Why the gang kidnaps satya? Why satya wants to become member of gaddam gang? How the gaddam gang gets vindictive? Are main parts of the story.

The plot written by debutant Santosh peter jay kumar, is quite weak, But it has a good  scope to entertain the audience. Here, the comic timing of cast is missing. Santosh has tried his best to offer chuckles to the viewers with his narrative style. Editing is not upto the mark. Visuals are good. The slow motion may work in songs but not in scenes. Music scored by achu rajamani is passable.
Rajasekhar has essayed this kind of role for the first time, Thank god, he didn’t dub for himself. Saikumar voice always suits for him.His performance is not bad and not great either. Im still wondering why sheena is there. She is only visible to the protagonist. Deepak comic timing is good. Passable performances by Rajesh and Achu. Noel has got a good opportunity to prove that he is an actor material and he did it with ease. Naresh is restricted to few frames. Mediocre performances by the supporting cast.

Comedy always work at the telugu cinema box office. But here Gaddam gang’s comic timing is missing. Passable performance by lead cast also costs film at the box office. Not a great debut for director santhosh, and music composer turned actor Achu. Business wise, this gang will do below average business. Watch it at your own interest.

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