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Cast : Srinivas Reddy, Anjali, Brahmanandam, Rao ramesh, Saptagiri, Shankar and others.

Directed by : Raj Kiran.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Comedy Horror.

Release date : 9th August 2014.

Rating : 2.5/5

Music : Praveen Lakkarapu.

Bottom Line : Second half is botched up.

Plot : A ghost, Geethanjali ( Anjali ) haunts a flat in an apartment. She looks for help to avenge her death by killing the responsible person. In the mean time, an aspiring director, srinu ( Srinivas reddy), is unaware of the fact and rents that haunted flat along with his friend.He eventually finds out the truth about anjali. Srinu later meets Rao Ramesh who wants to become a producer, and narrates the true based horror story to Rao then the latter accepts to produce the film. How srinu find out the truth? What is that truth? Who killed anjali? Will she avenge her death? Are main parts of the story.

Debutant raj kiran has done his best to provide the chuckles to audience with the story penned by kona venkat. The famous writer atlast realises the fact that comedy is a key thing for telugu movies to run successfully at the box office. so, he has come up with a horror comedy to regale the viewers. The first half is so entertaining,But a few scenes in second half is quite botched up the movie. Editor should have done a fine job in second half. Music scored by praveen Lakkarapu is not bad. Production values are okay.

Anjali is stepped into the role of ghost. She has given apt emotions. Srinivas reddy has occupied most of the run time, He did a fine job. Jabardasth fame shakalaka shankar has proved his talent on big screen. Brahmanandam’s role has been wasted. The supporting cast has done a good job.

Second half is botched up by the poor screenplay. Although it is still watchable.

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