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Gentlemen Review: Nani is adorable but ending is a Lame

Gentlemen Review: Nani is adorable but ending is a Lame

Directed by    Mohan Krishna Indraganti
Produced by    Sivalanka Krishna Prasad
Screenplay & Written by    Mohan Krishna Indraganti
Story by    R. David Nathan
Starring    Nani, Surabhi, Niveda Thomas
Music by    Mani Sharma
Cinematography    P.G. Vinda
Edited by    Marthand K. Venkatesh
Production company Sridevi Movies


The plot is about Gowtham (Nani) who loves Katherine (Niveda ) then in an unfortunate situation he’ll change from Gowtham to Jai(Nani) who is a rich entrepreneur in love with Aishwarya( surabhi ). How he managed in both roles is the rest of the story.


  • Nani is adorable in both roles.
  • Niveda Thomas stealed the show.
  • Surabhi is OK and Vennela kishore comedy worked well.
  • Production values were awesome.
  • Mani sharma music, Vinda cinematography played a major highlight.
  • Mohan Krishna dialogues and direction is great.


  • Rushed climax, What happened to journalist Sri Mukhi.
  • 2nd half is moderate and editing could’ve been better.
  • Avasarala sreenivas is not a apt for villain.

I wouldn’t consider myself the target audience for these romantic dramas. My biggest issue with the story is that I just never understood they rushed into climax. There was another segment that I found not just ironic, but actually annoying; what happened to journalist Sri Mukhi and went to the film’s ending  something I’m not sure even matters since it’s made pretty clear throughout, but it still goes against my movie code.

Mani sharma music and BGM elevated film to another level. Nani is a perfect apt for the role and director Krishna did good job but could’ve been worked more on climax.Niveda Thomas did a memorable role. Watch out once if you don’t have anything to do.

CB  Review: 3/5

Reviewed By:Vinay…….😃

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