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Goosebumps Movie Review

Goosebumps Movie Review

Cast: Jack Black, Dylan Minnette, Odeya Rush

Director: Rob Letterman

Genre: Comedy, Horror



R.L.Stine, a dysfunctional writer, who had childhood issues of dealing with people has written a lot of children books about monsters, goons and mutant animals etc. He creates all the monsters hoping they will help him fighting the real world. All the monsters are locked in the respective books in which they were created. Zach a newly moved in neighbour becomes friends with his daughter Hannah. Zach, his school friend Champ releases one of the monsters from the books (accidentally). During a course of incidents that happen later releases another monster named Slappy, which releases all other monsters and starts destroying the town. How Zach, Champ, Stine and Hannah brings the city into order forms the rest of the story.


The movie is supposed to be a horror comedy and it succeeds in doing so in the beginning of the movie. The sarcastic humour of Zach, who is trying get over the death of his father, the typical behaviour of his aunt Lorraine and the character of Stine brings in a lot of humour. There are a couple of scenes where the cops come to Stine’s house which are outrageously humorous. It’s based on children book. So the horror content is on the verge of making a 10 year old child get frightened. And all that is supported by decent performances of the all the artists, Jack Black’s performance as Stine is exceptionally good (IMO). The Vfx could have been better but they are good enough to enjoy the movie. One of the best things about Goosebumps is “It doesn’t try too much. It stays what it is supposed to be”


Although the movie run time is 103 minutes, you feel like you have been watching the movie forever. All the suspense, tension (and humour) disappears once all the monsters are out of the books. The writers could have put in more thought in creating a gripping story. Throughout the movie we can see the urgency in the character Champ to please Stine. This worked out well at times and at others it stinks. The 3D was mediocre (or the cinemas where I watched the movie had poor technology). At a certain point you may realize that you are watching a replica of the movie Jumanji. There is a scene where the careless driving of Lorraine hits a ware-wolf. The lack of more such scenes is what makes the movie dragging in the second half. The background score could have been better at times to keep the audience engaged and more lively.

Bottom line:

If you have a 10 year old kid who understands English, or you want to bring out the 10 year old kid inside you, then this should be the movie you watch this weekend.

CB Rating: 3/5

Reviewed by: Prudvi Nath…..

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