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Gopala Gopala Movie Review

Cast : Pawan Kalyan, Venkatesh, Shriya sharan, Vennela Kishore, Mithun Chakravarthy and Others.

Directed : Kishore Pradasani.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Satirical Comedy.

Release Date : 10th January 2015.

Rating : 3/5

Bottom Line : Stunning visuals.

Ever since the film makers have announced ‘Gopala Gopala’ is the official remake of bollywood film ‘Oh My god’, There is a lot of buzz going on among fans and movie buffs. Once the star actors, pawan kalyan roped in to essay God’s role and Venkatesh to play atheist role.The Film has got a huge hype and it now helps the producers to drag the viewers as many as possible. Let’s get into the review to know how this movie is gonna do at box office.

The film starts off with an atheist called Gopala Rao ( Venkatesh ), owns a pooja store. One day his store destroyed by a tremor. The atheist doesn’t get panic owing to the store is insured. He approach insurance company to claim the compensation amount, but the insurance company denies to give it by citing ‘act of god ‘ condition. Gopala rao sues god with the help of a physically handicapped lawyer (Murali Sharma). The Godmans and other spiritual persons in the country angers over atheist antics. Gopala rao dumbfound the godmans with his loquacious nature. A godman named Leeldhar¬† (Mithun Chakravarthy) tries to kill gopalarao with his henchmen.In the meantime, God (Pawan kalyan) descends on earth in human form and saves gopala rao from hooligans. How gopala rao wins this bizzare case? Will our atheist realise the existence of god? What are the issues he cope with? Forms the crux of the story.

Kishore pardasani is a stranger to the most of movie goers, when the makers have announced his name as director. For the first time, He weilded megaphone for konchem istam and konchem kastam. His narrative style is almost the Xerox copy of Original version. Camera work by jayant vincent and Stunning visual effects made me awestruck. Editing by Goutham raju is okay. Songs like ‘Bhaje bhaje’ and theme music’ made¬† the viewers to hum it atleast once. background score composed by anup rubens is decent. Production values are top notch.

Now a days Venkatesh is choosing different subjects, which did well at other language box offices. He essayed an atheist role and did a phenomenal job. Pawan kalyan’ s screen appearance as god, is a visual treat for his fans. He nailed that challenging role with ease. Shriya role did a good job in small role. It’s a cake walk role for Mithun Chakravarthy, because he already potrayed the same role in oh my god. Posani Krishna murali tickels the funny bone of audience.
Other supporting cast has done a superb job.

On the whole, Kishore pardasani didn’t get much chance to show his creative skills. Business wise, it will ring the cash registers at box office. Go and watch it for the lead actors performance.

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