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Green signal

Cast : Manas, Revanth, Gopala Sai, Austosh, Rakshita, Manali, ShilpiSharma and Others.

Directed by : Vijay Maddhala

Language : Telugu

Genre : Romance

Release date : 30th may 2014.

Rating : 2/5

Music : JB

BottomLine : Better to aviod this.

Plot : This is the story of four guys who wants to have a girlfriend in their life. They all lives in the same flat.Sandeep reddy (Manas) is a play boy who doesn’t believe in love. He comes across a girl named Devika ( shilipi sharma) who is already engaged to a businessman.He woos her with compassion. Meanwhile, He bumps into an another girl named meera (Dimple ) and falls in love with her.
Naidu ( Revanth) is a software professional. He dates a girl though facebook, but He accidently meets Jessi josef ( Rakshita). They both fall for eah other.
Gopala sai ( Gopala sai) is a professional computer instructor. He falls in love with his student named sweety ( Manali) who has already a boyfriend. She deceives gopala sai for monetary gains.
Prem ( Aushotosh) is a fashion designer. He loves a boy called leela ( Chandra). What happened more in their love stories? How these four lovestories comes to an end? Are main parts of the story.

Vijay maddhala is the director of this film. He might be inspired from bollywood films ‘Dil toh bacha hai ji’ and Pyaar ka puchnaama. Vijay’s lack of experience has reflected in his narrative style. Screenplay is not interesting at all. Editing is just okay. Jeevan babu has composed the music. It’s not at all catchy. Cinematography is not bad and not great either. Production values are okay.

Manas has played the playboy role, he is not bad in his role. He has failed to give full justice to the character.Revanth is okay in his role. Gopala sai has failed to give apt emotions. Rakshita is good in her role. Infact, she is the only saving grace for film. ShilpiSharma is exhibited her assets but no use. Manali is okay. Shravya reddy did a nice cameo in the end. Dimple is good. Glamour doll Madhurima did an item number. Rest of the cast is not bad.

my review is the red signal to audience to this movie.

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