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Guest Role Of Pawan In Charmi’s New Movie

Famous Indian film producer and director Tammareddy Bharadwaj who paused her pro and dir with direction of ‘Pothe Poni’ in 2005 and production of ‘Bunty..The Bad Boy’ in 2009 is directing a movie after a long time which is titled as ‘Prathighatana’ stars Charmee in lead star, making serious efforts to get publicity for this movie.

Tammareddy want to rope a Star hero for a guest role even for a minute. Hence in this process Tammareddy has set his eyes on Powerstar Pawan Kalyan.

Sources say that Tammareddy is asking Pawan Kalyan to appear in a guest role if its not possible then at least to give voice over.

Tammareddy feels that for even a brief time or even gives voice over then film will become a huge plus for the movie.So let’s wait whether Tammareddy will won Pawan’s voice or guest role or not.

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