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Guntur Talkies Director Praveen Sattaru Interview video-discussed on TFI

1.Discussesd about critics -some of Telugu critics are not having sufficient skills and they will give ratings based on commercial elements

2.Talked about his journey from US software engineer to Telugu film director

3.His first film is LBW and he produced himself ,he asked K Viswanath to direct his story but K viswanath said he stopped directing.Praveen came back to his job after thet he himself directed movie

4.He doesn’t know any technical aspects of film when he started his first film.He explained his vison to cinematographer and started film

5.Praveen’s family didn’t hoped that he will success in Industry but after watching LBW they got confidence on him

6.Every movie is of troubles and you have to deal those things.

7.Rapport with producers should be there otherwise you will be restricted to the vision

8.Promotions for films is most important thing

9.Reviews wont affect big budgeted films but small films should have support of reviews.

10.Chandamaa kathalu is not a commercial hit so he struggled himself for 1 year after the release of movie,when national award got for the movie he got the confidence again



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