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Happy New Year

Cast : Shahrukh Khan, Deepika padukone, Abhishek Bachhan, Boman Irani, Vivan shah, Sonu Sood, Jackie shroff and others.

Directed by : Farah khan.

Language : Hindi.

Genre : Comedy.

Release date : 24th October 2014.

Rating : 2.75/5.

Music : Vishal Shekhar.

Bottom Line : A revenge drama laced up with comedy.

Plot : Charlie ( Shahrukh Khan) is a stout and intelligent person. He wants to take revenge on a tycoon, charan grover ( Jackie shroff ) by robbing mughal diamonds. So, Charlie hires Jag ( sonu sood), Tammy ( Bomani Irani ), Rohan ( Vivaan shah ), Nandu ( Abhishek ) and Mohini ( Deepika Padukone ) for heist. How they rob the diamonds? Why Charlie wants to take revenge on Charan Grover? Are main parts of the story.

Happy New year is a comic heist film set in a dance competition.Farah khan tried her best to keep the movie in comic mode, but one gets pissed off with the run time.The story has nothing to surprise you. Some of the scenes are good to watch and some scenes are unbelievable to watch.Editing is not alright, Unnecessary scenes could be chopped off. Cinematography is Okay. Vishal sekhar scored music is passable. Production values by red chillies are nice.

Shahrukh khan did a fine job as charlie. Deepika padukone plays the role of a carbert dance who doesn’t know english, She sizzles the screen with her glamour.Abhishek Bachchan is good at comedy and he packs some punches but the problem with his character is also the same. The audience anticipates its next move well in advance.Bomani plays the role of mama’s boy, He did a nice job. Sonu sood has given justice to his role. Vivaan shah’s performance is okay. Jackie shroff’s role is poorly written. Rest of the cast are okay.

Happy New Year is a predictable revenge drama, a trashy musical and a lowbrow heist film laced with a surfeit of song and dance routines.

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