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Hector and Search for Happiness Fim Analysis -What Makes you a happy pesron

The hector and search for Happiness – A travelers search for Happiness-Concept is nice and film is based on a Novel

Hector is a psychiatrist played by Simon peg is unhappy with his patients’ problem.All most all his patients are unhappy about their life ,some are silly and some are serious.So he discusses with his girlfriend that he want to search what makes humans happy so decides to travel all over the world.In the journey he encounters some good people and bad people who will teach life lessons.He writes ¬†all rules of happiness in his book and as the journe goes on he strikes some ,changes and improves his rules based on his feelings.

The rules of happiness

This quote is when a sick patient tells story of her to the hector

Hector travels to Himalayas and spends times with monks to how are living quality life

Human wants to know everything about an incident which occurs to him but some times whole story makes them sad which contains regrets,sad stories and bad endings

Another quote from the movie tells about the great thing about love.Love is only emotion which can provoke humans to do things which they thought are impossible if love is true

Coming to the film all cast did good especially main hero simon peg did an awesome job .He is good in comedy scenes and emotional scenes also he did justice.The rules for happiness are really good but some scenes are not done properly.Climax concept is good as the scenes says happiness is feeling all emotions but expected more in the execution

Above quote says we have to celebrate for ourselves.So don’t shy to celebrate your small achievements.Celebration can be anyways with your friends,or being alone with music or sharing your celebrations (giving food,things or cloths)with street people

I think telugu movie yevade subramanyam has lots of inspiration from this movie.This movie is a same concept of Secret life of walter murchty .Finally this movie is a nice watch and it can uplift when you are depressed or bad temper or when you are upset.Movie is alots of humor and the life lesson quotes are good and they really worth it. Cinematography and locations are also beautifully shot.Finally movie will ask you a question ‘What makes you happy’.Very hard question if you get the answer work towards it.Watch this movie when you are free it will definitely have a good impression on your life

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