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Hercules movie review

Cast : Dwayne Johnson,Ian McShane,Rufus Sewell, John hurt, Reece Ritchie and others.

Directed by : Bret Ratner.

Language : English.

Genre : Action.

Release Date : 1st August 2014.

Rating : 2.5/5.

Music : Fernando Velázquez.

Bottom line : Ratner might be inspired by 300 and Gladiator.

Plot : Hercules ( Dwayne Johnson) is the son of zeus ( king of the gods). He leads his friends comprising Autolycus ( Rufus Sewell), Ampharius (Ian McShane), Tydeus, Atlanta and Lolaus (Rece Ritchie) who are mercenaries.He is always depressed of his family murders.Once the daughter of lord thrace seeks the services of hercules in saving her kingdom from Rheseus. Lord thrace (John Hurt) offers lots of gold to hercules to train his army.Hercules traines the army with the help of his comrades. After a rigorous training, They go against local barbarians to test their strength, and defeats them. This time they want to go against Recesus and his soliders. Lord Thrace defeats recesus, then imprison him. Daughter of lord thrace tells about the betrayal of her father to hercules. Why lord thrace betrayed hercules? How his family murdered? What happened to hercules and his friends? Are main parts of the story.

Brett Ratner might be inspired by the movies like gladiator and 300. This movie is filled with neat 3d effects.Even though it is based on a famous comic book series, it has alot of similarities with the 300 and gladiator. The man at the helm should have done a better job while writing the script. Editing is okay. Most of the action stunts are reminded me of other movies. Cinematography is good. Music provided by Fernando has failed to impact on audience. However, Production values are not bad.

Dwayne Johnson stepped into the role of demi god, he did it with ease. Ian McShane’ s humor as a soothsayer is the only saving grace for film. John hurt did his part very well.Reece ritchie has done his best as a nephew of Hercules. The supporting actors did a good job.

Although, Actors have done a fair job, the script is not impressive at all. You can watch this film once.

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