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Hollywood special -Guys walking out of explosions with out any scratch movie funny photoes

Article written by Cinema babu

Guys walking out of explosions with out any scratch used thousand times in all movies industries through out the world.

They look good if executed perfectly. Otherwise, those scenes will be stupid and just be to attract viewers.

November man Pierce Brosnan walking away with his Ex-bond smirk on the face

See how this actress looks so dashing while walking out without a single hair-burn

Jason Stahtam must have done these type of scenes maybe a hundred times and this is from Mechanic.

Even in action comedies this is a must-do stunt.

All 5 are walking with similar style in an arranged manner. It’s not cool its a cliché.

Denzel will pull of this kind of scenes very easily because he got charishma.

He is just standing there.Maybe someone is clicking a photo of him with the explosion.

Dwayne Johnson walking out just like he finished his morning exercises.

A scene from Breaking bad. In the context it worked very well.

Yes when a 500 degree Celsius explosion happens behind your back you just need your cooling glasses so you can look fantastic.

Even super heroes can’t resist to show off.

Wolverine is walking away from explosion but he earned it.

Tom cruise running away it looks a bit realistic.

Django unchained walking away scene – After so much of pain and torture the entire gun shoot out and blowing of the total empire is awesome to watch and it gave goosebumps when seeing on screen

Dark night Joker hospital explosion is well directed and the scene fits perfectly to the craziness of Joker

Now some of the photo-shopped explosions

Cool just walk away and eat your pizza.

Mini james bond 007 maybe.

Obama and Putin.

DiCaprio following putin with excitement.

Explosion Style PSY (From the Gangnam style video)

Wolverine kid just blew off a helicopter.

Yep. Play time!

so cute …ok just run now kid

this happens in The real world walking away scene

 I am  posting here because the lyrics are really funny

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