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How to read a call sheet-film actors

Article is from No film school and Rocket jump,how to read a call sheet ,this kind of template is also be in Tollywood


Not all productions need as detailed a call sheet as the one used in the video — if I would’ve busted one of these babies out during a production meeting with my college buddies, they would’ve said I was trying too hard and left me to pay the bar tab. Call sheets are meant to inform your team of all pertinent information for a day of shooting, so you’ll probably want to make sure to include (at least) the following stuff on yours:

  • Call times
  • Locations
  • Parking information
  • Where base camp is
  • What scenes are being shot
  • Which actors are in which scenes
  • Lunch time
  • Directions to nearest hospital
  • Weather info
  • Contact info
  • Next day’s schedule

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