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How to write villain character efficiently advice

How To Write Villain Character Efficiently Advice
I am giving my view and what works for me.

  • I will start with villain scenes as a complete lunatic or dangerous
  • I never reveal his story in start of script or novel itself
  • I will reveal his story later point in script
  • A good villain is one not a complete lunatic but he must have some motivation
  • In his point of view what he is doing is right
  • you should give deep motivation scene why he is doing these things
  • A villain should have his own flaws instead of making him as a super strong
  • In my view he should have some emotional connection at least some sentiment like may be villain admires his dad or he really cares about his lover or he is some one who got respect toward women .Just give him some emotion so that reader can relate to his character
  • While hero is trying to achieve his goal villain arch also have some parallel theme about the goal
  • As it is a fantasy novel the backstory can be very interesting dealing with superpowers ,how villain got them and how he wants to use them
  • The best research on fantasy and mythology is done by joseph campbell .he wrote many books what exactly works and how all stories will have xommon emotions .Read A hero with thousand faces book so that you can improve your writing skills

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