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Humpty Sharma Dulhania

Cast : Varun dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Siddharth Shukla, Sahil vaid Deepika Amin, Asutosh Rana  and Others.

Directed by : Shashak Kaitan.

Language : Hindi.

Genre : Romace comedy

Release date : 11th July 2014.

Rating : 2.75/5.

Music : Sachin -Jigar.

Bottom Line : An Ode to DDLJ.

Plot : Rakesh Sharma AKA Humpty is a care-free bloke in New delhi. Kavya Prathap Singh ( Alia Bhatt) is a small town girl who wants to wear an expensive lehanga on her marriage.She comes to delhi for shopping. Humpty sharma bumps into kavya. He procures all the details about her . While in the course of saving kavya’s friend marriage, they fall in love with each other. Kavya knows that her father doesn’t accept humpty. so, she goes back to town to marry angadh (Siddharth shukla) who is her father dotes. Humpty appears in kavya’s  town to cajol her father. What is kavya’s father reaction. What will happen to kavya and humpty are main parts of the story.

Shanshank kaitan has made his directorial debut with this film. He might be inspired from DDLJ. Shashank did a great job in elevating the chemistry between lead pair. Writer has wirtten few cheesy dialogues, Those are worked out  very well. But the narrative style could have been  better. Editing is okay. Cinematography is nice. Sachin -Jigar scored music, It’s not too catchy. Production values by dharma productions are extremely good.

Varun dhawan’s energy levels are quite down when compared to his previous film. His role is quite weak but he did a good job. Alia bhatt is at his best in emotional scenes, she did a great job as a chirpy girl. Siddharth shashank didn’t get much chance to show his acting prowess. Austhosh rana did a fantastic job as alia’s father. The supporting cast are okay.

All I supposed to say this an ode to DDLJ.These sort of stories have already seen in so many south films. Go and watch this for varun and alia.

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