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I -Manoharudu Movie Review

Cast : Vikram, Amy Jackson, Suresh Gopi, Santhanam, Upen Patel, Mohan Kapoor and Others.

Directed by : S Shankar.

Language : Telugu (Dub).

Genre :  Romance Sci -Fic

Release date : 14th January 2015.

Rating : 3/5.

Bottom Line : Predictable plot but magnificent performance.

‘I -Manoharudu ‘ is the second collaboration for Director shankar with Actor Vikram. Their earlier film, Aparichithudu was a blockbuster and smashed few regional box office records. This time, I is slated for huge world wide release, in almost 3000 screens. Let’s see, Will I -Manoharudu breaks the records or not?

I begins with a hunchback abducts a bride then we slips into flash back. Lingesan (Vikram) is an illiterate body builder who wants to become Mr.Andhra. He admires a supermodel named Diya (Amy Jackson). The super model’s colleague, John (Upen Patel ) sexually harrases diya at workplace. Diya’s family doctor ( Suresh Gopi) who also happens to be the guardian of diya warns john about his misbehaviour with diya. Furious john makes diya jobless. One day diya learns that Lingesan become Mr. Andhra. To evade from john harassment, Diya approach Lingesan with the help of her family doctor and requests him to become a model. As soon as he lands in modelling, A few people make comments that he is not a model material. Helpless diya changes lingesan lifestyle by expressing fake love on him.Lingesan has become ‘supermodel Lee’ in no time.Coming to the present, Diya is the bride and she learns that hunchback is none other than Lingesan. He then take revenge on the people who are responsible for his predicament. How lingesan become hunchback?Who are responsible for his predicament? and How lingesan takes revenge on those wicked people? are main parts of this predictable plot.

We have witnessed so many messages, social issues and visual effects in previous films of director shankar, But this time the ace director has ignored messages and social issues in this much hyped I-Manoharudu. His narrative style failed to keep us in engaging mode. Any film buff can say that Shankar is obsessed with visual effects. Don’t know what makes this time him to deploy VFX in few scenes and songs only. The director of Photography, P C sree ram did a fabulous job. The locations in china are like visual treat for the viewers. This 188 mins long movie should have been shorter, some transgender scenes are jaded. Rahman composed music, is top class. Especially, songs like ‘Pareshnayya’. Background music synchronizes very well with the grandiose scenes. Fights are meticulously composed by  the peter heins. Production values by Aascar films Privated lmited are top notch.

Actor Vikram reminded me of Hollywood actor Christian Bale. I liked his body transformation. He steals the hearts of viewers with his versatility. Indeed, this performance will fetch him more awards this time. In recent times, Female leads haven’t got much scope to prove their acting prowess but Amy Jackson is exception from that category. Infact, the whole movie revolves around her and She potrayed that quintessential role with ease. Upen patel has done a great job in his role. Suresh Gopi’s performance is okay. Santhanam has offered alot of fun with his comic timing. The supporting cast has done a fair job.

On the whole,  This high budgeted movie excelled in some aspects and disappointed the viewers in some other aspects. The grandoise action sequences and vikram performance are like studded diamonds to this beautiful jewellery. Shankar “I” has failed to live upto sky-high expecatations. Businesswise, This festive season will push up the collections. Go with less expectations and Watch this visual entertainer.

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