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India special – What makes Indians sad in current generation article

Thanks for the all meme creators.These memes are for funny please don’t take serious.Below Images represents only some part of the society its not represents whole India

The corruption is so deep and justice is not at all being served. I used to read news paper everyday but now Just reading posts /news on social networking sites only.The news is so horrifying that not able to digest

Our Indian society is in its worst phase.We are running after western culture like drugs ,pubs and enjoying but the fact is western culture also promotes waking at 5 am ,to be disciplined and to be independent. We only adopting enjoyment and other good things we are not following .this is biggest hypocrisy of our generation ,Our society is still confused what to follow and not to follow

1.New Inventions

These are ancient Inversions but in today society completely shunning new way of thinking although many are breaking these conventions and making their mark on the world our society need to encourage them more often

Although many inventions are there in India too compared to other countries we are not utilizing full potential, Most people won’t have any idea on startups and software companies but they will give you free advice .They want you to follow the crowd instead of breaking it out

When is the last time we invented a significant product ?We are ready to be slaves but not masters .If anyone trying to be new those people will be thrown shit on them and discourage to leave those plans

2.Chaar log kaya kahenge (what everybody say)

Who are these chaaar people?They will jealous if we got success and they will criticize if you got failure

Following society is a good thing even though you will be sheep and lives a rat life but if you want to break it and try to follow unconventional path then this dialogue comes.

Guys just run if you heard this statement Char log kya kahenge…because they will come up with such bullshit and they can convince you anything

3.Education system

this is the biggest problem ,setback in our society ,in Indian education system where your talent is compared to another one from 1 st class to your graduation.Ridiculous is the word for this system.

Whatever your hobby you will be put into this IIT-JEE Coaching centers where they produce mug up students although not every coaching centre but most of these coaching centers work like that.i know my cousin is studying a pre IIT coaching from 7th class …its becoming an obsession

If somebody wanted to be an actor ,dancer or a writer ready to face a biggest jolt in your life.you are forced to strip your creativity so that you will be part of the crowd

In 10 th class many will say after college you can enjoy,when joining college you will hear first complete your degree then you can think about your hobbies in free time .you will be losing most productive and creative years of your life to this bullshit

Current education system in India

Most of babas ,religiuos figures,gurus are fake in now a days.Finding a true guru is difficult in current system .

Finally the hardest truth …Reservation…the funniest photo which sums up everything


this is not a feminists bashing post …just giving how some women taking advantage of it…its not about all women …we seen many incidents where girls played feminism card and destroyed the concept of feminism ,just some of women are like this not everyone not only India is facing this issue but total world is in chaos due to this.I am not against women and I agree some of Indian men are controlling,stupid and fake proud but today youth are slowly changing .

Feminism definition is its fight for equality. but today feminists made this very complex subject and using this term for their convenience

yep some of the less self confident women always play this card

yes they will bitch about each other and they will use this card on social media while in reality they won’t do anything(Again not true feminists …those who feel that they are feminists )

Today fake feminism (I am not talking about true feminists who values gender equality,fighting for women rights,increasing quality of women lives).in men also feminists exists

Online feminists (Who think they are real feminists but delusion ones—-need not be every online feminists are like this ,but some of them are just post shit quotes and pretends that they are feminists )


In Indian society in terms of marriage both positives and negatives are there .Parents won’t approve any love marriages .most marriages are arranged and there good stories that the success in this concept , love marriages also there are stories of failures.

this is not about what marriage is best? but some notions we are following in today India are bad and these rules are not ancient ones .Example manglik dosha this concept in astrology works but many people they will take too seriously and blame the girl that she is having mangal dosha and she is not marriageable .No ancient sage said like this but they proposed some remedies.

Of cource compared to the west our marriage system is the most successful one.Below Images represents only some part of the society its not represents whole India

Yep most of Indian girls will be groomed to become a bride .Pathetically sad state

Cooking is the most important skill set for girls marriage

yep i am not against arranged marriages but some marriages are like business transactions

When you hit 25 then your whole purpose to get married. Relatives will put pressure on you and some surprise engagements will also be there

When somebody says they are loving someone that is really very bad to Indian parents .Love is most hatred word for Indian parents(Again not everyone)


 if anybody offended due to answer take this as funnier way .I am not presenting India or Indians in any bad way.

i know the zero is itself invented by aryabhatta. The Navagraha concept and astronomy is done by our ancient sages without any technology. bhagavadgeeta philosophy is the biggest self help book in the world …how many Indians are reading bhagavadgeeta …they just like and take pics of quotes and share them on social networks…this is the truth of today generation……but what wee exactly doing today?

Mocking our ancient knowledge and running after west culture …and that also we are not adopting properly.We only taking negative points from west and completely ignoring positive points….we only follow hindu culture in festivals and marriages but we are completely ignoring vedas and other Indian ancient wisdom…that should be in our education system…

The 1st point where I am taking about new inventions that our society not accepting new startup culture or inventions. We are really hard workers and in every major companies are Indians are there.But If you say to your relatives that I am working in Facebook they will feel proud but …If you say that I Wants to start Facebook kind of thing then they will mock you…thats the truth

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