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Indrudu Movie Review

Cast : Vishal, Lakshmi Menon, Inami and Others.

Directed by : Thiru.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Action Thriller.

Release date : 20th june 2014.

Rating : 3/5.

Music : GV Prakash

Bottom Line : A well written and executed film.

Plot : Indra ( vishal) suffers from narcolepsy which makes him asleep when he face extreme emotions like shock, fear and happiness.Although he is a brilliant fellow, No company offers him a job owing to his sleeping disorder. He cannot go alone anywhere without aid of his mother and friends. Meanwhile,Indra bumps into a rich girl, Meera ( Lakshmi Menon).They both fall in love with other each other in no time. Meera asks the consent of her father for marriage but her father denies it due to indra’s health problem. One night some hooligans try to kill meera and make her fall in coma. Who are those hooligans? why they try to kill meera? How indra take revenge on those hooligans despite his health issues? Are main parts of the story.

This is the telugu dubbed of tamil film Naan sigappu Manithan.Thiru has written a very good script. Screenplay is extremely gripping it keep you awake eventhough protagonist fall asleep. Editing is okay. GV prakash has composed music. Background music is very good, It elevate the key scenes. Cinematography is good.UTV and VFF Production values are nice.

Vishal is extremely good in the lead role. Even though it is an experimental character he did it with ease. Lakshmi menon is confined to first half but she did a nice job. There are bit dragging scenes in second half. Rest of the cast has done a great job

If the content is good, nothing can stop any movie from doing brisk business at boxoffice “Indrdu” comes under that category. Go and watch it if you like thriller and experimental movies.

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