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Jabardasth to be stopped for 3 months

Jabardasth is pure comedy show telecasting in ETV Telugu Channel with join venture of Mallemala Entertainments. This show got huge response from viewers and it become biggest hit on Telugu television screen. After a long time one Telugu program got highest TRP ratings in India wide is Jabardasth Comedy Show. Now this show is being stopped for a while. The show has completed 27 episodes of shooting till date and they will shoot only 3 more episodes.

The issue came up as the actors/team leaders are unable to complete any movies they promised and also couldn’t take any new movies because of the tight schedule of the show. Especially after the popularity of the show,the actors have got more opportunities and they cant deny the opportunities of big screen which will get them more fame and name. So few of the actors have decided to take a 3 months break and then re-join back to the show.

But not to worry,the show is not gonna end even without these. New teams are going to join and they will continue the fun masala for the audience. Venu Tillu recently has confirmed this in a video.

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