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Jagannatakam Movie Review

Rating : 2.25/5.

Cast : Pradeep Nandan Khenisha Chandran, shivaji raja, Abhinav gomatam, Usha shree, Sridhar and Others.

Directed by : Pradeep Nandan.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Romance, Thriller.

Release Date : 13th March 2015.

Run time : 144 mins.

Bottom Line :  Tedious screenplay.

Last year alot of new directors tried their luck at the box office. Most of them bagged hits at the box office. This year also A techie turned film maker, Pradeep Nanden come up with a thriller as his maiden film. Thriller genre films are unpredictable, some of them impress the audience and some are not. Read the complete review to know whether Jagannatakam regale the viewers or not.

Prudhvi ( Pradeep Nandan) is a hardcore fan of pawan kalyan and an aspiring actor.He comes across a gorgeous girl, Bhanu ( Khenisha chandra) and fall in love with her. Even bhanu loves him. Owing to some misunderstanding between them, they split up. After some days, In wee hours Prudhvi looks for lift. Ajay ( Sridhar varma) who is the fiance of bhanu, gives lift to him. Ajay finds out that Prudhvi is ex-boyfriend of bhanu. Abruptly, Their travelling Car gets breakdown.They check into a dilapidated hotel for shelter. What happened in that hotel? Why Prudhvi and  Bhanu split up? And What happened to prudhvi and his family? Forms the crux of the story.

Director Pradeep Nandan has penned an interesting story for his first movie.Narrative style is quite good. Director might have inspired from hollywood movies narrative styles. Dialogues are not bad. The movie started on a dull note, picked up pace in the middle. A lot of unnecessary scenes should have been chopped off. Back ground music synced very well with the visuals. Cinematography is good. Production values are alright.

Even director himself Pradeep Nandan played lead role. He exudes alot of confidence in his dialogue delivery, Stunts and did some good moves. In certain scenes he imitated pawan kalyan.Khenisha chandran got minimal role, She did  a fair job on her debut. Small screen actor Sridhar has supported very well. Abhinav Gomatam has offered a few chuckles to the audience. Shivaji raja did a cameo role. Rest of the cast has done a good job.

On the whole, pradeep has failed to regale the audience with his first film. It would have been better a movie if some unnecessary scenes chopped off. Business wise, it may do average business at the box office.one time watchable movie .

Reviewed by : Shrinu nakka.


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