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Jai ho

Cast : Salman khan, Tabu, Daisy shah, Ashmit Patel, Danny denzongpa, Bruna abduallah and others.

Directed by : Sohail Khan

Language : Hindi

Genre : Action

Release date : 24th january 2014

Rating :2.5 /5

Music : Sajid wajid ,DSP and Amal Malik

Bottom Line : One man couldn’t able to make difference.

Plot : Jai Agnihothri (Salman khan) is an ex army officer. he employed as a mechanic in a garage.He lives with his mother, Sulochana (Nadira babbar). Rinky (Daisy shah) is his love interest. Geeta (Tabu) is his sister, supports whatever he does. He goes against the goons and corrupt home minister,Dashrat Singh (Danny Denzongpa) that lands his family in trouble.He wants to propagate the power of three – “Do good, and tell the recipient of the deed to spread the word among three people and so on”. How he save his family from the goons? Is he succeed to propagate power of three? are main parts of the story.

This is the remake film of Chiranjeevi starrer Stalin which was released in 2006. Salman khan’s younger brother Sohail khan is the director of Jai ho. he is completely failed to elevate gist of the story. Poor screenplay. Editing is not bad and not great either. Cinematography is just alright. Music doesn’t fit well. Production values are not bad.

Salman khan is not bad in his role. He failed to emulate chiranjeevi in terms of performance. He is always roars, bites and pounces the goons infact we call this movie as Dabangg3. Daisy shah is played the role of love interest of salman khan. Her dancing skills are amazing, she did a fine job. Tabu gave a decent performance. Danny denzongpa failed to give justification to his role. Genelia Deshmukh played a cameo role as a physical handicapped girl and sunil shetty as a captain of army. The rest of the cast is not bad.

Watch it at your own risk.

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