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James bond 007 special story – Piecse brosnan movies analysis

Daniel Craig is good in his James bond role  but he is not traditional super hero type bond but a realistic bond and he got good scripts also . I liked his portrayal of bond but for me a bond is like a super hero

Coming to the Pierce brosnan is a complete bond package.he is stylish,rough in action scenes,charming in romantic scenes.He looked perfectly as James bond in suites, that time bond franchise is in deep trouble and Golden Eye completely gave new breath to the franchise.

Not only Golden eye one of the best bond film but one of the best action film i have seen.A perfect opening scene,great dialogues,great villain ,gadgets,Pierce brosnan charm everything a bond fan wanted in a bond film and not to mention the title song WOW.Not a single scene is wasted in the movie and it will be remained as a classic

The tank chase sequence is one of the best action scene and the attitude of Pierce brosnan in the scene is so great .

After this movie Tomorrow Never dies released and it is a good bond flick with a good motor cycle chase .Not to mention this kind of chase sequence is further portrayed in many action scenes

World is not enough is an average movie but it got some good action scenes like opening boat chase,but my favorite scene in the movie when bond escapes from a building by jumping from it with a rope

Next film is completely ruined and it is with cgi scenes and no story but it is a guilty pleasure to watch

May be one can forget first love but can’t forget first bond .Same with me and I watched golden eye on TV and that was my first bond film although I know James bond character I never got the chance to watch them .After golden eye finished I was awestruck by the style,action and main hero Pierce brosnan.I watched almost all other bond films but still he is my favorite bond although he got very bad scripts he delivered his best as James bond.Sean connery and Roger moore also good in their roles as bond.I grown up watching pierce brosnan bond films and whenever I watch Golden eye still I feel the euphoria

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