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Jr.NTR + K. Vishwanath = ‘Sagara Sangamam’?

Everyone will have a memorable moment in their life time that will be remembered for ever. Similarly there are a few films that are known and remembered by the movie buffs. One such movie is Kamal Hassan- Jayaprada starrer ‘Sagara Sangamam’.

The director of the epic masterpiece is Kala Tapasvi K Vishwanath. The film has inspired many to learn music. If reports are to be believed then we might see the recreation of the musical master piece. It is reportedly heard that Young Tiger NTR spoke to Vishwanath and expressed his desire of working in a film like ‘Sagara Sangamam’.

Recently in an interview K. Vishwanath reportedly shared his views and said that he is ready to do such a film. But the main question in reckoning is can K. Vishwanath whose directorial brilliance has come down drastically over the period of time recreat the same magic with Jr. NTR who is at the peak of his career.

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