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Jump Jilani Movie Review

Cast : Allari Naresh, Isha Chawla, Swati dixit, Kota srinivas, Posani krishnamurali and Others.

Directed by : E Satthi Babu

Language : Telugu

Genre : Comedy

Release date : 12th june 2014.

Rating : 2.25/5

Music : Vijay Benezer

Bottom line : Old wine in new bottle.

Plot : Satthi babu ( Allari Naresh) is a hotel owner in Nidadhavolu town. He lives with his grand father(Kota srinivas rao) and cousin, Ganga ( Swathi dixit). He can’t able to run his ancestral hotel with profits owing to tough competition from other food chains. He bumps into Madhavi (Isha chawla) who is a health inspector. Madhavi issued notices to Satthi babu due to poor condition of his hotel. In the meantime, Rambabu ( Allari Naresh) who is a twin brother of satthi babu,gets released from the jail. He falls in love with Ganga.Satthi babu wins the love of Madhavi atlast. Inorder to save the ancestral hotel the brothers come up with an innovative idea and runs it successfully. Meanwhile, Madhavi’s grand father (MS Narayana) arranges her engagement with Ugra Narsimha reddy (Posani) who is a factionist in pulivendhula. How the twin brothers save their ancestral hotel? How satthi babu will thwart the engagement? Are main parts of the story.

Director E Satthi babu has taken the big risk by choosing allari naresh for the dual role. The first of the film is extremely boring, but Second half is saved by the popular comedians. Narrative style could
have been much much better.Editing is quite okay.Vijay benezer has composed catchy music.Cinematographer has done a good
job. Production values are not bad.

Allari Naresh has done a fair job in dual role. He has shown the variation between two characters. Isha chawal is nice in her role. Swathi dixit has added glamour quotient to the film. Posani’s performance is an another plus point for the film. Infact he is the saving grace for film in second half. Supporting cast is okay in their roles

The first half is quite not tolerable, but second half has some good entertainment. Take a chance to watch it if you like banal comedy.

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