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Cast : Chaitanya Krishna, Chandini, Pankaj Kesari, Rao Ramesh, Nagineedu and Others

Director : Sree Prawin

Language : Telugu

Genre : Action

Release date : 8th November 2013

Rating : 2/5

Music : Nandan Raj

Bottom Line : . A Damp squib.

Plot : Kaalicharan( Chaitnya krishna) is a commerce graduate. His father is an MRO (Nagineedu) in nalgonda district. He kills the brother in law of a local goon, Pashupathi ( Pankaj Kesari). He is imprisoned by a corrupted police. Pashupathi wants to kill him in a jail but Prabhu( Rao Ramesh) has given bail to him, Pashupati’s wife, kalvathi want to avenge her brother’s death by killing kaali. Kaali has lost his parents in a vehicle bomb blast. Prabhu convince him to participate in MLA elections. Meanwhile, He gets married to theerta ( Chandini). Kalavathi has finally succed in stabbing kaali. What happened to him and his wife? Why kaali kills brother in law of pashupathi? Who killed his parents? are main parts of the story.

Sree prawin has written the script very well but screenplay is too poor. Prawin pudi’s editing is not bad.Nandan raj’s music is just alright.Cinematography is amazing. Technical values are great.Jagapathi babu has given his voice for key scenes.

It seems that Chaitanya krishna has done alot of hardwork for this film. Pankaj kesari has a great future in telugu cinema.This is not a suitable script for chaitanya. Chandini is good.Rao ramesh is not bad. Nagineedu is involved in his role. The rest of the cast have supported well.

The productions values are good. Sri prawin should have been take care of screenplay. Better to skip this movie.

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