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Kalyan Ram Om 3D Movie Pre – Release Report !!

There are commercial films there are art films and then there are films like ‘OM’ which belong to a rare genre of technical commercial films.Never before in Tollywood a film is made completely in 3D with the use of latest and greatest technology imported from the west.

Kalyan Ram the man behind this technical wonder is making all the efforts to make sure ‘OM’ has everything needed to cater to all the genres of audience along with visual feast to the viewers.He hired Hollywood technicians who worked for movies like Spider-man,The Hobbit,Final Destination and Pirates of the Caribbean sea.

Cinema Babu brings you an exclusive release report of this movie.

Censor Report:

Movie has been awarded ‘U/A’ certificate by the board members with no cuts and no beeps in between. Board members were thrilled to see such a technical wonder in Tollywood and lauded Kalyan ram for his hard work and dedication.Movie has been carrying positive reports from censor.

Thumbs up:

There are very few movies like ‘OM-3D’ in Tollywood,biggest USP of this movie happens to be its technical wizardry. Tollywood is about to witness something rare on screen with out of the world graphical work and extra ordinary back ground score by award winning composer ‘Lakshmi Narayana’,in the past he worked with the likes of Shankar and Mani ratnam this is the first he worked directly for a Tollywood project.Entire technical team including the director is biggest positive for this movie.

Nandamuri Kalyanram has always worked in different type of commercial films right from the beginning.He always gave chance to new talent,he was the one who introduced Surender reddy to Tollywood.With this movie he launches new talent Sunil Reddy who might make a mark for himself in days to come.

Thumbs down:

Not many movies in India have been successful in 3-D format in the past movies like ‘Chot Chetan-3D’ and recent Tollywood release ‘Action- 3D’ were tuned down by the audience.Expectations from audience are high on a 3-D flick and one has to connect to the content if the math is set right then 3-D movies will be churned out in numbers in coming times.

Lets wish this movie mesmerizes the audience with box office collections and sets a milestone in Tollywood for 3-D movies …….

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