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Kanchana 2 movie Review – A brilliant horrer comedy that keeps you on edge of seat

Rating : 3.5/5

Cast :Raghava Lawrence, Taapsee, Nitya Menen  and Others

Director : Raghava Lawrence.

Language : Telugu / Tamil.

Genre : Horror Comedy.

Release Date : 2nd May 2015.

Music : Leon James, C Shatya.

Bottom Line : A briiliant horrer comedy that keeps you on edge of seat.

After Kanchana’s hit Lawrence comes again with a Horror film and gave a good entertainment to the viewers.Stroty is A TV Channel plans a program on Ghosts to boost the TRP Ratings . Channel’s Director Nandini (Tapsee), Cameraman Raghava (Lawrence) who is scared of spirits and rest of crew members reach a village to shoot the program using artificial ghosts. The crew is in for a rude shock when they realise that the house where they have been shooting is haunted by real spirits. So how the film progresses you have to watch on big screen

Raghava Lawrence gave a powerful performance once again.He played two characters ,one is a timid person and another one is out-and-out mass charecter.He played two charecters with ease.Surprisingly tapsee also gave thrills with her ghost performance .Biggest plus is Nirya Menon’s role and she did a fablous job portraying handicapped girl in flashback.After her marriage broken scene  ,she balanced the act  perfect by carrying both anger and emotion .Kovi sarla as usual did good comic relif in the movie.

Coming to the direction,Lawrence did great job as he is already familiar with the subject and theme.Movie is having many comedy scenes except the flashback scene which is having rural appeal and little bit emotional.Like every other movie this film is also having gay comedy with is quite repettaive.Songs are bad and editing is quick and sharp .Backgroung is big plus for the movie .Falshback episode,interval bang and lovi sarla-tapsee interaction are some of the well directed scenes from the movie.


Lawrence ,Nityamenon,Tapsee,Comedy


ooora mass in some scenes,songs,climax

Overall  Analysis

movie is quite good in the Horror comedy genre and it will give you thrills throughout the movie except the horrible climax(What was that?A superman fighting hellboy?).So go and watch as it good entratainment

Reviewd by  – Cinemababu

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