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Karan Johar and Rajamouli discusses on Baahubali

1.Karan Johar and Rajamouli discusses on Baahubali and their thought process

2.Karan addressed Rajamouli as a legendary director

3.Karan looks story telling ability in directors and he felt a great excitement after watching eega

4.Karan said everhybosy wants to make Telugu remakes till 1 year back and now after some reamakes failed they stopped

5.Rajamouli said Tamil films are making experimental films with commericial cinema while telugu films are mostly commercial films  ,Hindi all types of films are being made

6.In pre production of Baahubali of 1 year time ,they gathered every single details for shoot but ongoing of sets but its again a learning process from scratch

7.At final stages of Baahubali team excitement levels decreased and every body happy on final day of baahubali as shooting compleated but they are missing those days now

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