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Killing Veerappan Review – One of the RGV’s recent best film

Killing Veerappan  Review: One of the RGV’s recent best film

Star Cast: ShivRajkumar,Parl Yadav,Sandeep bhardwaaj  & others

Music Composed by Ravi Shankar

Production House: E. Shivaprakash

Directed by Ram Gopal Varma


Plot is pretty simple how a Task Force officer teamed up with a journalist and killed Veerappan.Movie based on operation cocoon and mostly told in perspective of police officer

Whats good? 

Screenplay is typical RGV style as storyline is simple the film treatment has to be good and film has it done correctly.  first half of the movie is little slow and movie about different attacks on Veerappan while second half is mostly focused on operation cocoon and how they approached different people to capture and kill Veerappan.

Again RGV shown his technical prowess in camera techniques.In intro of Veerappan camera spins around many times and I got little bit of RGV’s department vibe(That movie is good example for spinning camera techniques -but whole movie is like that so not able to watch more than 15 mins) but RGV used more steady cam shots so its keep on better as movie progresses .One long shot on roofs on houses is captured brilliantly(In revenant trailer there is a similar kind of shot where camera focuses on one location and spin around to another shot with out a cut and Hollywood is raving about those techniques) and RGV using them and nobody is talking about them as our Indian critics only focussess on how much they entertained in movie with all commercial masala .

Coming to the actors Shivrajkumar gives one of best performances .Although in first half getups and his acting little bit odd in second half he is complete show stealer.He is in various physical getups and suited very well in this cop role.His role will get lots of appreciation from general audiences.Coming to Veerappan sandeep bhardwaaj is just spectacular .Its not an easy task to pull that kind of role on screen.Every action,every expression and body movement is amazing.He portrayed many emotions fear, helplessness ,cruelty so efficiently.The action in The flattery scene about him and Tamail Prabhakar comparison is brilliant.Parul yadav is also equally good in her settled role and every other actors did their best in the movie.A complete actors movie it is as no bad acting there

Whats not good ?

Expected Veerappans operations and how he is handling smuggling between states should have been shown on the screen but most of the time he is with a group of people and roaming in forest.First half could have been better.Some times BGM is too loud should have taken care

Final Verdict

If you enjoy RGV hit films you will definitely will enjoy this.This is the recent best film from RGV’s pile of crap may be on the level of Raktha charitra can say better than as the research and forest scenes are perfect.Finally you shouldn’t miss Killing Veerappan for its gripping narration in second half with brilliant performances and for ofcource RGVs taking .So watch on big screen

Cinemababu Rating  3.25/5

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