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Kingsman – The Secret Service movie review

Kingsman: The Secret Service is an Spy entertainer
Directed by Matthew Vaughn & Produced by Adam,David Reid,Matthew Vaughn.
Screenplay written by Jane Goldman,Matthew Vaughn.Based on book of The Secret Serviceby Mark Millar & Dave Gibbons.


Film Starring Colin Firth,Samuel L. Jackson,Mark Strong
Taron Egerton,Michael Caine.
Music composed by Henry Jackman & Matthew Margeson.
Cinematography handled by George Richmond &
Edited by Eddie Hamilton.
Film Production  was Marv Films & Cloudy Productions.
Film Distributed by 20th Century Fox

Plot:The plot is about Valentine (Samuel) who wants to decrease the global warning he invents a free simcard which kills most population of world.To stop this Kingsmen a spy team Harry(colin),Merlin(Mark) & a new kingsmen Eggsy(Taron).How Kingsmen stop this & what are the consequences they faced is the rest of story.

Plus:Crazy Over Top Notch Dialogues,Kick Ass performances by lead roles,Soothening Music,Brilliant Fast Paced Cinematography & Editing.Direction was Mindblowing.

Minus: Many ‘F’ witty dialogues.

Bottom-Line: First of all that this film was directed by Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass, X-Men: First Class) I had a pretty good idea that this film was going to be really good. If you love fast-paced, stylish, humorous, and all around awesome flicks, then this is a definite must see.Colin’s performance as Harry was Sharp & Taron as Eggsy given a 100% performance. I can guarantee that you will have an entertaining time with this film.

Rating : 4/5

Kingsman:The Secret Service-Awesome Gentlemen’s Action With Loads Of Humor.
Reviewed By:Vinay..

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