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Cast : Anirudh, Chandini and Others.

Directed by : Haarik.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Horror.

Release date : 5th September 2014.

Rating : 1/5.

Music : Ajay Arasada.

Bottom Line : It will make you insane.

Plot : Rakesh (Anirudh) is a big fan of Pawan kalyan. He wants to become a film maker. Amrutha ( Chandini ) is an ardent fan of mahesh babu. Both of them study in the same college and they both fall in love with each other. Rakesh buys a handy cam to make a short film. He start to experience strange things in his life. What are those things? How it changes his life completely? are main parts of the story.

There are some horror films hitting the screens in recent times. Very few of them have succeed at box office.Kiraak story line is very thin. Debut director Haarik should have come up with strong script instead of this one. There is no silver lining in the film to give relief to the viewers. Editing is extremely poor.Background score is the essential element for horror films but Ajay arasada has composed poor background score. Cinematography is not bad.Production values are not bad.

Short film actor Anirudh has made his debut. He has done a fair job in Horror scenes. In certain scenes he has failed to give apt emotions. Chandini did a decent job. rest of the cast should have supported well.

However, Kiraak is not worth to watch. Better to avoid this one.

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