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Kiss Movie Review

CB Rating: 1 / 5

Cast: Adivi Shesh, Priya banerjee, Shafi
Director: Adivi shesh
Producer: Sai Kiran Adivi
Music Director: Sri charan
Release Date: 13 September 2013

Adavi sai kiran who directed “Vinayakudu” and “Village lo Vinayakudu” grew to become as Producer and made his brother Adivi sheshu as director. A movie titled kiss had released today. Let us move into the review.

Priya (Priya Banerjee) lives in US with Family. She gets admission in Oxford university for higher studies. In the meantime, her parents want to marry her with a Millionaire Ravi, who’s a fraud. She can’t in a position to convince her parents and decides to suicide. At the moment she meets a Desi guy Sunny (Adivi sheshu) comes to US for work. The rest of the story is all about how this Desi man modified her mind and the way he showed her happiness in 24 hours.

There are not so many characters to talk about right here. Adivi sheshu efficiency is not bad. However his comedy timing is just not upto the mark. He goes well with negative roles perfectly. Priya Banerjee is fine in seems to be sensible however she didn’t impress in performance. Shafi is good as Murthy. The remaining characters did their best.

First half of of the movie is boring whereas the Second half is just not unhealthy particularly climax is good. The climax is inspired from Toliprema. And some of these tales is like a Pager and we’re using iPhone 5c now. They’re outdated in story telling but new in cinematography.

Direction by Adivi Shesh is just not dangerous but he has to choose the subjects that will be acceptable to our nativity. He tried so much however it did not work neatly. Cinematography by Shanil diyo is just right. Music by Sri Charan is not bad.Editing is not upto the mark. He can edit some scenes. Production values through My dream cinema is good

Avoid this KISS

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