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Kottha Janta

Cast : Allu Sirish, Regina cassendra, Saptagiri, Posani, rohini, Madhu and others.

Directed by : Maruthi

Language : Telugu

Genre : Romance Drama

Release date : 1st may 2014

Rating : 2.5/5

Music : JB

BottomLine : A selfish Love story

Plot : Sirish (Sirish ) is a selfish guy since his childhood.He works as an executive producer with Y channel in mumbai.Suvarna ( Regina) is a self centered girl. She works as a creative director with Y channel in tamilnadu. Y channel head ( Rao ramesh) brings them together in hyderabad to push up his regional channel TRP ratings. Suvarna comes up with an innovative idea. They start a show named KothaJanta where the channel people perform the marriage ceremonies of elope couple.The show becomes so controversial and Popular. Meanwhile, An awful rich man (Posani) plans to float a new channel. He offers sirish that double payment and respectable positions only if he convince suvarna to work with channel. Inorder to convince suvarna, Sirish acts as he is in deeply love with her. Suvarna starts to feel his love. However, she realises his pseudo love in no time. What happened to their Show? How they realise their true love, are crux of the story.

Director Maruthi is famous for making hit movies with the low budget. In first half comedians have managed to give some fun, but in second half it is completely flat. Entertainment is the key element in Maruthi’s repertoire. Eroojullo, Bus stop, and Prema katha chitram are superhit at box office owing to good entertainment. he has failed to live upto expectations this time. Climax is quite weak. Editing is okay. JB has composed some good music. Richard’s Cinematography is nice. Production values are extremely good.

Allu sirish has to improve his acting skills. He has failed to give justice to the lead role. Regina cassendra did a brilliant job.Infact, she dominated sirish interms of acting. Rohini has got much less screen space even though she did a good job. Posani and Saptagiri have managed to evoke few laughs from audience. Villian’s role is extremely weak. Rest of the cast is okay in their respective roles.

However, Go with less expectations and have some mediocre fun.

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