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Krish caught between two hot heroines

When the news about a good director making a film with a star hero, heroines do everything in their power and influence to bag the lead role in that movie and build their career. As it is a known fact that heroines need to have good contacts and maintain good relationships with directors. The sought after director in discussion now is Krish.

It is reportedly heard that two beautiful heroines are trying really hard to bag the role in the Hindi remake of the Telugu blockbuster ‘Tagore’. Both Tamannah and Shruti Hassan are reportedly trying very hard to bag the female lead role in this film with superstar Akshay Kumar as hero.

Since it is reportedly heard that Tamannah is already doing another film with Akshay Kumar, chances are high that Shruti Hassan will get the opportunity to do this film. To know who wins the race ultimately, we need to wait. Some are stating that the decision will be given to Akshay to choose.

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