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Cast : Srikanth,Kum kum,Kota srinivas rao, Rao Ramesh, JayaPrakash and Others.

Directed by : Uday Chandu

Language : Telugu

Genre : Action Thriller

Release date : 1st January 2014

Rating : 1.5/5

Music : Vishwa

BottomLine : It is all about treasure.

Plot : Surya ( Srikanth) is a hooligan. He seeks respect in his work. He is approached by a local gangster,Dawood ( Jaya prakash reddy) to follow a girl named Madhumita( Kumkum) who lands on hometown after she finished her studies in london. She lives in a dilipidated mansion of her ancestors. On otherside, bhupati (kota srinivasa rao) who is grand father of madhumita wants to kill her through black magic. She starts to experience some mysterious things going around her. On the advise of her maid, she consults a psychyartrist, Narendra verma ( Rao Ramesh) after being followed madhu, surya finds out that the mysterious things happening in the mansion are created by using some chemical reactions. Who created all those chemical reactions? Why her grandfather wants to kill her? How surya rescue madhumita from all these things forms the crux of the story.

Uday chandu has written the routine script, he directed it in a shoddy way. Screenplay is not gripping at all. Cinematography is not bad. Editing is worst. Music doesn’t fit well with the movie. Production values are bad. The first half of the film is a big minus point.

Srikanth’s character is damn absurd.I wondered how a hooligan has the knowledge of chemistry. Srikanth’s performance is not bad and not great either. Kum kum’s acting skills are not uptp the mark.She has to improvise her skills. Rao ramesh did a decent job. The rest of the cast have failed to entertain the audience.

Skip this movie.

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