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Laddu Babu

Cast : Allari Naresh, Bhumika, Poorna, Athulith, Kota srinivas rao and Others.

Directed by : Ravi Babu.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Drama comedy

Release date : 18th April 2014.

Rating : 1/5

Music : Chakri

Bottom Line : Save your time and Money by avoiding this.

Plot : Laddu Babu ( Naresh ) is a fat guy. He lives with his sadist father, Kistaiah (Kota srinivas rao ).Kistaiah brings weird marriage proposals for his son. Laddu babu does multiple jobs to eke out his life. He comes across Maya ( Poorna ) who has already boyfriend. Laddu babu falls in love with maya.He tries to talk to her.Meanwhile,  A boy, Murthy wants to make friendship with Laddu Babu. Ladubabu is hesitate to make friendship with murthy. Maya is  jealous of her boyfriend’s female friends. She moves closely with laddu babu to make her boyfriend feel jealous. Kistaiah throws his son out of house due to saying no to his marriage. Murthy takes laddu babu to his home, but murthy mother madhuri (Bhoomika ) doesn’t allow laddu babu to stay in her home. Murthy pleads his mother and she accept his request. Why murthy brings laddu babu to his home? How laddu babu comes to know about maya’s pseudo love??are main parts of the story.

There were lot of expectations on Ravi babu and Allari Naresh combination, Their previous film “Allari” did a fantastic business at boxoffice. This time Ravibabu comes up with routine screenplay. There is no content in the story. Marthanda venkatesh’s Editing is not bad. Cinematography is good. Chakri composed is alright. Production values are okay.

Allari Naresh essayed a fat guy role. He did a nice job, Even he failed to save this film. Bhumika did justice to her role. Poorna has got minimal role. She is okay in her role. Kota srinivas rao’s performance is just alright.Athulith is nice in his role. Rest of the cast failed to make impact on audience.

Save your money and time by Avioding this one.

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