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Ladies and gentlemen movie review

Cast : Chaitanya Krishna, Seshu Adivi, Mahat, Nikita Narayan and swathi dikishit and others.

Directed by : PB Manjunath.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Crime Romance.

Release date : 30th January 2015.

Rating : 3/5

Music : Raghu Kunche.

Bottom Line : A youth entertainer.

A few young Actors have teamed up for this first telugu cyber crime movie. Popular director Madhura sreedhar produced this cyber crime film in association with MK Reddy. The trailers has excited the audience to watch this film on first day. Let’s check out how this film is.

The movie beings with A call center executive, Vijay (Mahat Raghavendra),who always looking to earn  money through illegal activities. then we move on to another story, Like all youngsters Krishna murthy ( Chaitanya krishna) wants to have a girlfriend in his life. He gets attracted to girl (Swathi dikshit) on facebook.Meanwhile, A busy employee, Anand ( Kamal kamaraju) and her wife (Nikita Narayan) have their marriage issues. how their lives get effected with the entry of Rahul  (Seshu Adivi)? How social media plays with lives of human beings? forms the crux of the story.

Director Manjunath has come up with a contemporary story, which exposes the unbelievable  facts of social media. man at the helm deserves applause for the concept, But execution is not upto the mark. It would have been a better movie if the first half has good screenplay. the second half goes well  and c0nnects deeply to the audience. while watching movie, most of  the audience feels like ‘ Ya i came across this kind of incidents in my life’. The story is close to the reality. Editing could have been much better in first half. The visuals are good. Music by Raghu kunche is passable. Productions are good.

Chaitanya krishna suits well to the character. he did the role with ease. Adivi seshu’s performance is so natural.  Mahat apts to the role of a cunning guy, he did a fabulous job. Nikita narayan is impressive with her fine performance. Glamorous doll, Swathi dikshit has done a good job. Kamaraju is okay in her role. The suppporting cast is okay in their respective roles.

On the whole, Ladies and gentlemen gives a strong message to the youth about the disadvantages of social network. Businesswise, this low budget movie will do fair business at the box office. Recommended youth to watch this cyber crime.

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