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Lakshya film Analysis – underrated classic of Indian cinema

Hrithik played as a lover boy till before lakshay released and hrithik track record also not nice at that time.If this movie released now it will be a hit because audience are more opened to new stories.Now why Lakshay is bollywood’s one of rarest gem?

Lakshay the meaning itself is a goal.We got movies about passion in Hollywood like pursuit of happiness,the warrior , sea biscuit etc.Lakshay is bollywood answer to these classics

The music,cinematography ,acting are so great that you will immerse in this film .From a careless college kid to the militory man who wants to fight for countrey is itself a great theme to start with

You can see the transformation in hero in this brilliantly acted scene

Kitne baate is one of best emotionally chore graphed song.The voice of sorrow with remembering memories is the theme of song well sung .The pain of love is captured very poetically in this song.Mai haisa kyon hoo0 is a confusion of hero’s state of mind.The Lakshay title song lyrics are sheer brilliance of philosophy of human determination

Lakshay covers many things that we need to cultivate in our life like inner drive,persistence,courage to aim big in face of challenges.Movie is a must watch if you like meaningful movies

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