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Lingaa Telugu Movie Review

Movie : Lingaa

Cast : Rajinikanth, Jagapathi Babu, Sonakshi sinha, Anushka shetty, Santhanam and Others.

Directed by : K S Ravi Kumar.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Drama Action Comedy.

Release Date : 12th December 2014.

Rating : 2.5/5.

Music : A R Rahman.

Bottom Line : Story of an altruistic man.

Plot : Lingaa ( Rajinikanth ) is an intelligent theif who wants to leads a luxurious life. A journalist, Laxmi ( Anushka shetty ) requests lingaa to inaugurate an old temple which is built by the linga’s grand father in Singanoor, But he denies it owing to his grand father who leaves him in poverty. Lingaa gets embroil in a robbery case. In the meantime laxmi comes up with a proposal to rescue him from police only if he accept to inaugurate the temple. As soon as linga lands in singanoor he learns about the greatness of his grand father, Raja Lingeshwara ( Rajinikanth ). Who is Raja Lingeshwara? What he did for the people of Singanoor village? Forms the crux of the story.

The captain of the ship,K S Ravi kumar has earlier made movies like Muthu and Narsimha with super star Rajinikanth which were box office hits. This is time he comes up with the story of an altruistic man which is an apt subject for Rajinikanth image. The story of lingaa is virtually predictable Even the execution is not upto the mark.Though flash back part dragged a bit it is still watchable. Dialogues are superb but the editor haven’t used his scissors very well. Flash back part is too long. Cinematography by Rathnavelu is amazing. The visuals are nothing short of a hollywood movie. Music scored by AR Rahman is good especially the song ‘Mona mona’.BGM synced very well with the visuals. Production values by Rockline are top-notch.

Superstar Rajinikanth performance as Raja Lingeshwara is one of the plus points. He nailed it with ease but the young linga character didn’t suit him. The female leads Sonakshi and Anushka haven’t got much chance to exhibit their skills. Jagapathi babu’s negative role is poorly written. The ensemble supporting have done a fair job.

Rajinikant performance as Raja lingeshwara, Dialogues and Cinematography are positive points.

The story, Screenplay and climax are minus points.

The lingaa unit made a smart decision by releasing it on Rajinikanth.It may drag hardcore fans of rajnikanth to the theatres.On a whole Lingaa turned out a damp squib at box office.

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