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Lion movie analysis – A moving piece of cinema – A man’s search for home

Lion movie analysis  – A man’s search for home

Movie is about a lost boy and search for his home after 25 years .Movie starts with a boy named saroo and his brother wandering on railway stations and stealing coal and stones .One day saroo sleeps in a railway station while his brother stealing stones. Saroo wakes up and unable to find hid brother he looks in trains but unable to find him.Train starts and he lost .After spending 3 days in a train he was taken by a lost person orphanage  .One day a representative at the orphanage says an australian couple wants to adopt him and he will be adopted

After 25 years in his hotel management course  he narrates his story to group pf his friends.One asks saroo to try google earth and he starts his journey to find his home.Is he able to find or not the story

Dev patel did an wonderful job with his performance .The emotions he carried in certain scenes are noteworthy.The climax scenes his performance is one of the best in recent times

Another character is nicole kidman and she also did a nice role .The child actor is extremely good and convincing .Director did good with his craft especially all emotional scenes.The google earth scene ,climax and young saroo in train are some great scenes

Movie shows how many people are missing every yea rand ending up in a ways we can’t Imagine.The struggle these orphans face although they have adopted later.One beautiful dialogue by saro …you just didn’t adopted me but adopted me with  my past is such a powerful dialogue.We always didnt notice how lucky ,privileged compared to many who are lost their ways,home and their lives .How much we achieve but still home is such a special thing in our lives.Movie raises the importance of technology and if we use it correctly what we can achieve with it

Finally Lion is a much watch movie for its performances,emotional scenes and story .Cinematography is also beautiful with sober feeling.Give it a try you will definitely love this  great film

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