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Loafer Review: Better than expected but wasted potential

Loafer Review: Better than expected but wasted potential

Directed by: Puri Jagannadh

Produced by: C. Kalyan

Written by: Puri Jagannadh

Starring: Varun Tej, Disha Patani, Revathi, Posani, Mukesh Rushi and others.

Music: Sunil Kashyap

Cinematography: P.G. Vinda
Production company: C. K. Entertainments and Sree Subha Swetha Films


The Plot is about Raja (Varun Tej) who’s a son of Murali (Posani) and Laxmi (Revathi).Posani takes his son away from his mother later Raja becomes Loafer as same as murali. Raja loves Mouni(Disha) where she runs away from home and what are the consequences Raja faced to gain his love and does mother ‘n’ son reunite is the rest of story.


  • Varun Tej gleamed like a Performer.
  • Revathi screen presence and performance worked really well.
  • Disha sparkles like an angel.
  • Dialogues and Direction of Puri shined better than story ‘n’ screenplay.
  • Music and BGM by Sunil was appreciable.
  • Vindha cinematography was appropriate.
  • Production values,Art direction and fights composition were good.


  • Story and screenplay were Dull because they looks like Puri’s previous work
  • Editing was moderate, comedy track was dark
  • inadequate characterisations and mass elements worked rather than sentiment.


I struggled to phrase that because the plot is never established properly. Nor is there a clear villain, which goes a long way to explaining why the ending to this film felt so devoid of tension or significance. Well, I can accept paper-thin characters operating within a paper-thin dynamic to serve the purposes of a movie solely focused on action, sure. But despite the promise of its brilliant opening, very little of Puri’s Dialogues were actually taken up with action. Varun tej and Posani sequences were hilarious,Revathi screen presence and performance worked really well. Puri has great potential but he moderately used for this film. Not terrible overall – it’s just too slow, too shallow and sometimes too safe.

CB Rating:  3/5

Reviewed By: Vinay…..

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